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Original Flavor;Bold and Savory is the flavor that significantly displays why it is the Original flavor in the Lorraine’s Premium BBQ lineup. The right amount of everything to make you want to have a reason to grill no matter what the season. The original flavor starts the journey of a flavor vacation for the taste buds and gets better with each new adventure in the Lorraine’s flavor family. The Original flavor truly gets the party started with the warm inviting flavors that make it an all time favorite.

Southwest Chipotle Kick; When the time comes to take the flavor to the extreme, Lorraine’s Southwest Chipotle Kick brings it. Southwestern inspired seasoning will not disappoint you when the time comes for kicking flavor. The Southwesten Chipotle Kick flavor brings out the wild side of the grilling experience to enjoy no matter where you are. We’re honored to have the South westerner's willing to share this amazing Chipotle Kick flavor.  

Asian;The ancient Asian accents reign supreme in this Lorraine’s BBQ sauce flavor.  Nothing comes close to the authentic flavor that transports you to the flavors of open air markets and spice merchants the way Lorraine’s Asian BBQ sauce does. The Asian spice combinations chosen will leave you with an exotic taste treat sensation from far away lands brought close to home.

Sweet n Smokey;This is where the next level of BBQ perfection begins with the amazing combination of sweetness with bold hints of ole smoky goodness. This flavor has just enough sweet to make you want more while the tantalizing accents of smokiness playfully ride the sweet flavorful note. Sweet n Smokey crosses over into the next level of flavor in the Lorraine’s lineup. The sweetness draws you in while the smokiness makes you want to stay to have one more taste.

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